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During the month of September, we will be conducting a Food Drive for the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission Food Pantry. Guests who shop at the pantry receive a 14" x 14" box they can fill to capacity with a wide variety of items. Many of the people have to carry the boxes some distance, and often do not have large spaces to store things where they are staying. For those reasons, we are asking you to donate regular sized items to stock the Food Pantry shelves rather than larger, bulk sized food items (like 20lb bags of flour or rice). If you must provide bulk items, please make sure they are packaged  individually inside of the container so that they can be separated by the staff at the Rescue Mission. This year, the focus is on dry goods. We hope you will help bless the hungry in our community by donating. Click here to download a printable list of the items we are collecting.