A study of the book of Esther

A message from Matthew:

For Such A Time As This is a verse-by-verse read-through of the book of Esther. Nothing fancy — just straight-forward teaching through a story that I love. From the introduction to the end of chapter 10, I hope you will join me on Wednesdays. And since the study will take about eight weeks, I'm really hopeful that when it ends we'll be able to see each other face-to face!


Lesson Video Links

(NOTE: Links will be active after 5:30pm each Wednesday.)

Week One: Introduction to Esther (background and foundation)

Week Two: The Curtain Rises

Week Three: Fairy Tale or Reality Show?

Week Four: Family Feud

Week Five: Stand Up, or Sit Down

Week Six: Sleepless Nights

Week Seven: Keep Your Eye On The Queen

Week Eight: Special Delivery

Week Nine: Conclusion