wake up your spirit during the week

God started this thing in you through faith. You heard the Good News and believed and accepted the gift of Jesus Christ. You received the Holy Spirit who began to transform you from the inside out. All of this came through faith. So why would you think that now, your works will p more

Christian baptism is such a beautiful picture. There is no greater thrill than watching someone go under the water and then emerge again. Somehow, in that split second, something incredible happens. When you are baptized into Jesus , you enter into a powerful union. You give&nbs more

No matter who you are or how mature you see yourself, you’re never safe from the temptation of prejudice. Even those who consider themselves enlightened and inclusive tend to look down on those who they don’t consider enlightened. In a world of “us” and &l more

The comparison trap is dangerous and seductive. We all know people who seem to be doing life better. They dress better and look better and carry themselves with more confidence and swagger. It’s easy to get tricked into comparing yourself with these people, but those compar more

If someone asks me to list my favorite “characters” in Scripture, somewhere near the top of the list would be Barnabas. His name literally means, “Encourager,” and he was definitely that. Barnabas remains in the background of the book of Acts, yet he const more

In these verses, Paul recounts his incredible testimony. He remembers how God called him from a life of hunting down and killing Christians. The transformation was so stunning that people struggled to believe it was real. When Paul preaches Grace, he preaches as one who has more

Voltaire once famously wrote, “In the beginning God created man in His own image, and man has been trying to repay the favor ever since.” I’m not often in the habit of citing Voltaire, but in this case he was spot-on. Everywhere I look I see people trying to sha more

This morning when the alarm clock interrupted my slumber, I did what millions of others do in the same situation – I hit snooze, got out of bed 15 minutes later, rubbed my eyes, and started thinking about the upcoming day. I checked my calendar for appointments, thought thr more

Thomas sometimes gets a raw deal among Christians. He has become the poster-boy for doubt. We literally refer to a person who struggles to believe something as a “Doubting Thomas". It’s no wonder Jesus admonishes a person like that… right? As I read these more

Before she met Jesus, Mary Magdalene’s life was a train-wreck. I can’t explain what it looks like when a person has “seven demons”, and I can’t explain how they were “cast out", but I do know that Jesus completely changed her messy life. M more

When I read John’s account of Resurrection Morning, I’m struck by two key details: 1) That John makes a point to record in Scripture that he outran Peter to the tomb. Men, right? He couldn’t resist taking one last shot to rub it in! :) 2) That Peter charged past more

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were Pharisees. They were bright, important, influential men who, along with the other Pharisees, had monitored Jesus closely during His ministry. It just so happened that both men came to believe that Jesus was who He said He was. more

John is an excellent writer who knows how to capture the essence of any moment. He was standing at the foot of the cross during what must have been one of the most horrific moments of his entire life. I wouldn’t want to witness the brutality of anyone being executed in such more

There are some times in life when you can’t be neutral. There are some issues that require you to make a stand. Injustice, for instance, demands a response, and those who don’t stand against it (sometimes unwittingly) stand for it. Some issues are cut and dry, black a more