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Sep 15th, 2021
By: 31 Days
Place All Their Worry on Christ

1 Peter 5:7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”

DAY 1: Place All Their Worry on Christ

School can be stressful for your children. Whether it be High School, or Preschool. Will I have any friends to play with? What am I doing when I get out of school? Did I get my homework done? Could something bad happen at my school? There’s a thousand fears and worries that go through your child’s mind every day of school.

When it comes to our fears and worries, we can carry them ourselves, or we can follow the scripture’s instruction to give them to Christ. Fear and worry suck the joy from life. Often times, you can spend you day worrying about something that never even happens. You can never walk in fear and walk in faith. As we remember how much God cares for us, we will trust Him with all of our cares.

As you pray for your child today, pray they won’t attempt to carry the worry themselves, but will give their fears, worries and care to God. Why? Because He cares for them.

Sample Prayer: Father, I pray that you will be with (child’s name) as they go to school today. I pray they will not try and carry the worry, fear, and stress themselves, but will give those to You. I pray they will remember that You love and care for them. Help them to replace the fear, worry, and stress with faith that You are caring for them.

In Jesus Name,

Bonus Idea:  Write your child a note, or send them a text saying something like the message below to let them know you are praying for them today.)

Today I am praying you have a great day at school. Even though today may be stressful, and you may have some fear and worries, I am praying that you give them to the Lord. He loves you and wants to carry those fears, worries, and cares for you. Remember, He loves you, and is with you today. Just think, in a few hours the weekend starts.