Middle School (6-8)

PSM for middle school is designed to be fun and exciting, while giving needed tools for navigating the preteen jungle. Middle schoolers learn to embrace a shareable faith through memorable experiences to create an honorable character.

High School (9-12)

PSM for high school is relevant and applicable to the unique challenges high schoolers face. We provide opportunities for students to build great friendships and provide engaging messages, diving deeper into biblical concepts and ideas that relate to their everyday life.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning Study • 9:00am
Zoom ID 753-083-433
Online Worship • 10:45am •
Sunday Afternoon Study • 4:00pm
Zoom ID 894-699-932

Wednesday Nights

Instagram Live with Martin & Daniel • 7:00pm

Middle School is going to MIX


Your summer won't be complete without this amazing camp experience! Spots are limited and there is a deadline so be sure you find out how you can get yourself to CIY MIX this year!

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MOVE yourself to TN


If you've been to CIY MOVE, you know what's up. If you are a High Schooler and you haven't been--this is gonna be your jam! Learn more about the best week of your summer, you won't be sorry.

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